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The 8th Ambush Team was founded on being a small, extremely effective unit capable of dominating our opponents through sheer strategy and teamwork. It is one thing to use tactics to effectively dominate a run and gun, spray and pray, unrealistic type game but it is another thing entirely to dominate with tactics in a tactical game that is built from the ground up to cater to those players and teams that strive to up their game to a more intellectual level and to hone their skills to near perfection. This is the challenge that we have accepted and we feel in time we will deliver.

<8AT> will only play semi-realistic tactical games and will officially focus on one game at any one time. Expect to see our names around a lot in whatever game we're playing and expect us to be near the top of the list in any competitions we enter. Our motto is "Semper Preparate" which means "Always Prepared". Quite simply it is an oath that we will strive to practice and be prepared for our matches and battles, and that any effort that we put into competition will be the best effort that we can possibly deliver at that moment. Practice makes perfect, as they say.


[TPG] The Praetorian Guard was originally formed as an outfit for the MMOFPS Planetside. Planetside brought together some MMORPG elements as well as a core FPS style gameplay. The unique style of play meant it appealed to a unique base of players. [TPG] went on to become a community that embraced the MMORPG genre but not without first spawning an awesome America's Army division which managed to make it as high as fifth place in the TWL America's Army Special Forces 6v6 Objective Ladder which had over 150 participating clans at the time. I'm proud to say that as one of the leaders of [TPG]AA I was instrumental in our success.

As often happens that chapter came to a close as several key players finally burnt out on AA. Since then I had spent my time looking for another good tactical game to play, craving the tense competition associated with being a top clan in a tactical shooter. When a suitable game finally arrived I felt the need to break away from [TPG]'s history and politics and start my own brand new clan and thus, with the release of SWAT 4 in 2005, <8AT> 8th Ambush Team was born.

<8AT> was highly active in the first month of SWAT 4's release, recruiting great new players and welcoming many of my friends from [TPG]AA into the fold. Unfortunately, despite how well received the game was, the SWAT 4 community quickly began to wither due to a lack of much needed developer support. The TWL SWAT 4 ladders, which we were quite eager to participate in, didn't launch on time and saw scores of teams dropping out after waiting weeks to play. I soon followed suit and after a brief flirtation with Battlefield 2 <8AT> was officially mothballed until something better came along. Some of us dabbled in other games, such as Armed Assault, Insurgency, and Call of Duty 4, but nothing else felt like quite the right fit to officially activate <8AT> for.

In 2009 we briefly reactivated with the release of America's Army 3. Unfortunately we were not able to sustain interest and have once again closed our doors.

-Trencher, Founder and Team Lead.


To join <8AT> you must be at least 16 years old. More information about our application process can be found in the Applications area of our forums.

Recruitment is currently closed!


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